Quality / Delivery

On six orders with over 12,000 labels you scored 100 on quality rating and 100 on delivery rating.

— Kim Lee (Shallco, Inc.)

Reponsivness Scorecard

You scored 100% Responsiveness, your Supplier Rank is Above Average and your Overall Score is Excellent.

— Charity Frederick (Sanmina, Inc.)

Again, thanks so much for your help. I plan to getting another order out this week - just so there's plenty of time. Thank you, please let the plant know we appreciate the effort. 

— Pam Goings (Rostra)


“...they look great!”

My shipping guys neglected to tell me the Navigator Stickers came in. I just took a look at them and they look great! Thank you for your assistance on these. 

— Carrie Williams (Skytrail)

“Thanks for coming through!”

Thanks for the clarification - we are going to go with your quote. I will be placing an order, hopefully, by next Friday. Thanks for coming through for us!. 

— Myra Megill